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i’m not against social activism i just hate it when demographics like white people and men try to fight for rights they already have

because they say shit like you shouldn’t circumcise your child because it changes their natural state of their body but women have to shave their legs and wear makeup and padded bras and shit because hair is “gross”

well foreskin is fucking grosser than body hair

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    Not to mention that another major argument of feminists is that they do not change their appearance for men, they do it...
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    Forcible, unanesthetized amputation of part of an infant’s genitals with the voluntary, completely reversible and...
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    Let me correct you there : This person here is NOT a feminist. They may identify as one, but their opinions and...
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    "Don’t be an ally if you’re white and/or male" Alright. Good luck. "Women are obligated to shave/wear make-up/padded...
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    You’re looking pretty lonely there, David.
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    OP is literally too stupid to live.
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    TIL if women shave, they permanently change the natural state of their bodies
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