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i’m not against social activism i just hate it when demographics like white people and men try to fight for rights they already have

because they say shit like you shouldn’t circumcise your child because it changes their natural state of their body but women have to shave their legs and wear makeup and padded bras and shit because hair is “gross”

well foreskin is fucking grosser than body hair

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    I honestly stopped reading at “I don’t know what male privileges are”. That entire sentence completely voided your...
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    Yeah and the reaction to toddlers and tiaras is overwhelmingly “that is messed up” also idk if you’re aware but makeup...
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    Infant males can actually die from circumcision. // I don’t recall anyone ever dying from...
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    Of the doodads I have diddled, my favorite one was actually the one with foreskin. I haven’t diddled many. Only 3. And I...
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    And the award to most hypocritical twat on tumbr today goes to… basedzef for telling people it’s wrong to have a...
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    Feminism is a disease
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    "holier then thou bullshit" says the adult brat who thinks the fact that both men and women generally prefer shaved...
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    "well foreskin is fucking grosser than body hair" Fuck you, lil’miss. You able to regrow your fucking leg hair or your...
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    You dont understand. Women HAVE to shave and wear bras and make up, or the patriarchy will kill...
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    I go through tags looking for bullshit to call out. Of which your post reeks. Hair grows back, foreskin doesn’t. Shaving...
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    TIL permanently removing part of a sex organ is worse than shaving hair that grows back, wearing non permanent makeup,...
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